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Giving Back

As an animal lover and pet brand, we plan to give back to the community through the sales we make or through an initiative that we run through our sales.


So far we have donated the following:

Toronto Humane Society

  • 2022 Boxing Day Sale: Every order we receive on boxing day, we will donate a leash.

  • We had a total of 12 orders so a total of 12 leashes were donated

One Tree Planted

  • 2023 April Earth Month: This month we wanted to raise awareness about the environmental issues that threatens our planet and will donate $1 for every order purchased in the month of April

  • We had a total of 72 orders so we donated $75 USD

Save Our Scruff

  • 2023 May 20 National Rescue Dog Day: A few of the ambassadors during the term have come together to contribute to a rescue and we picked one in Toronto called Save Our Scruff

  • We've contributed a total of $200 CAD

Boston Terrier Rescue Canada

  • A charity close to our hearts, as we have two Boston Terriers

  • In 2023, we have donated $75 CAD from our sales

S.C.A.A.R - Second Chance Auction Animals Rescue

  • A rescue that have been recommended from one of our followers; we had a market in August 2023, which we donated $50 CAD from our total profit sales

If there are any rescues and/or charities you'd like to recommend, feel free to drop us an email @


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