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An alternative e-collar strap for quick and easy wear. This e-collar strap is 3/4" wide and comes in various colours.


How to Meausre

  • Measure where the ecollar will be sitting on your pups neck
  • This measurement will be the measurement you select in the drop down menu
  • If your dog is inbetween sizes, you may also enter in the neck size in the customization box


How to Install

  • Each side will have the Chicago screws (you will need a flat head for this)
  • To install the receiver, unscrew one of the Chicago screw and slip the BioThane through the e-collar receiver
  • Then reinstall the screw back on


If you are not using the mini educator, please let us know which brand so we can adjust the measurements accordingly.


*Standard Biothane used for the ecollar strap*

Adjustable E-Collar Bungee Strap

  • Made out of BioThane, the durability of this material is the ultimate gear for your best friend to roll in the mud, swim in the lake/ocean and trek in the snow.


    It is odour proof, stain resistant and waterproof; which makes it simple to maintain and clean. The softness and flexibility can sustain freezing temperatures for those who enjoy outdoor adventures in colder climate places.


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