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For quick and easy on and off, but also adjustable.


The quick release ensures hassle-free on/off functionality. Our collar features a quick release buckle, allowing you to effortlessly secure or remove the collar with a single hand motion. It also includes a double bar buckle along with a multi-functional d-ring. The double bar buckle allows for quick adjustments and the d-ring provides a convenient attachment for your dog’s ID tags and for leash attachment.


Recognizing the unique needs of each dog, our collar is easily adjustable to accommodate 5 sizes.


If you are upgrading to brass, keep in mind that the quick release is brass plated but the d-ring and screws will be in brass.


*Super Heavy Biothane used for the collar, except for the exclusive colours which is Standard Biothane*

Adjustable Quick Release Collar

  • Place a soft measuring tape around your pet’s neck based on where you’d want the collar to sit. If you do not have a soft measuring tape, you can use a string to measure the neck and then place the string on a ruler to get the measurement length.


    Keep in mind to leave room between your pet’s neck and the collar. A general rule of thumb is; you should be able to fit two fingers comfortably between your pet’s neck and the collar.


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