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The ultimate all-in-one leash. This leash starts at 6 feet long and can be used in various ways.


1. Classic leash

2. Hands free around waist

3. Hands free crossbody

4. Double leash (for 2 dogs)

5. Attaching the end to something and the other end to your pup

6. Hook the one end of the leash to the fixed tab to create a handle


*Standard Biothane used for the leash*


Hands Free Leash

PriceFrom C$48.00
  • Made out of BioThane, the durability of this material is the ultimate gear for your best friend to roll in the mud, swim in the lake/ocean and trek in the snow.


    It is odour proof, stain resistant and waterproof; which makes it simple to maintain and clean. The softness and flexibility can sustain freezing temperatures for those who enjoy outdoor adventures in colder climate places.


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