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Grab tabs are handy and used for various reasons such as indoor training, off-leash trained dogs on adventures and a leash extender to attach to the d-ring added to the end.


The grab tab comes in 3 various lengths starting from 5”. The measurement length does not include the snap or d-ring. The biothane width of the grab tab is 5/8".


*Standard Biothane used for training grab tab*

Training Grab Tab

PriceFrom C$22.00
  • Made out of BioThane, the durability of this material is the ultimate gear for your best friend to roll in the mud, swim in the lake/ocean and trek in the snow.


    It is odour proof, stain resistant and waterproof; which makes it simple to maintain and clean. The softness and flexibility can sustain freezing temperatures for those who enjoy outdoor adventures in colder climate places.


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