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Versatile collar that's light and thing for easy wear.


Similar to the slip collar but much lighter and thinner. The Lady Rey (known as rolled biothane) is lightweight and verstaile. The slip collar does not have an opening as it's meant to slip over and off your pets head with ease.


Note that the hardware only comes in brass.


Lady Rey Slip Collar

  • Using a soft measuring tape, we suggest you measure both your pups neck and the widest part of your pups head as some pups have bigger necks than heads.


    Neck: Place a soft measuring tape around your pet’s neck based on where you’d want the collar to sit.


    Head: Place a soft measuring tape at the widest part of the head to ensure the collar will slip on and off with ease.


    If you are unsure, you can add ½” to your measurement for a little bit more space.


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