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The e-collar bungee strap is designed to provide more flexibility and comfort to your pup's neck.  The bungee strap will provide some elasticity which will help reduce pressure on the neck and will provide comfortable wear for extended periods.


How to Meausre

  • Measure where the ecollar will be sitting on your pups neck
  • This measurement will be the measurement you add into the notes
  • I will add additional 3" of extra length to allow for the receiver to fit


Things to Note

  • The holes are spaced 1/2" apart
  • The quick release will allow for easy on and off
  • The strap is 3/4" which can be used for micro/mini educator
  • If you select black or nickel plated hardware, the buckle will be square
  • If you select brass hardware, the buckle will be round and the quick release will be brass plated


*Please do NOT clip your leash onto the e-collar strap*


To update to the Cobra quick release, please visit this link to add to your order: Add Cobra Quick Release


*Standard Biothane used for the ecollar strap*

Quick Release Bungee E-Collar Strap

  • Made out of BioThane, the durability of this material is the ultimate gear for your best friend to roll in the mud, swim in the lake/ocean and trek in the snow.


    It is odour proof, stain resistant and waterproof; which makes it simple to maintain and clean. The softness and flexibility can sustain freezing temperatures for those who enjoy outdoor adventures in colder climate places.


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