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Add a dash of personality to your dog’s gear.


Stylish and functional. The double layered quick release collar ensures hassle-free on/off functionality. Our collar features a quick release buckle, allowing you to effortlessly secure or remove the collar with a single hand motion. It also includes a multi-functional d-ring that provides a convenient attachment for your dog’s ID tags and for leash attachment.


A few things to note:

If you select 3/4" collar, the layered width will be 1"

If you select 1" collar, the layered width will be 1.5"


When selecting the main and contrast collar, the main will be the part that has all the hardware, the contrast will be the layered.


Keep in mind that the 1.5" does not come in all the colours, please select the colour that's available in each size.


*Super Heavy Biothane used for the collar, except for the exclusive colours which is Standard Biothane*

Titan Quick Release

Main Colour
Contrast Colour
  • Place a soft measuring tape around your pet’s neck based on where you’d want the collar to sit. If you do not have a soft measuring tape, you can use a string to measure the neck and then place the string on a ruler to get the measurement length.


    Keep in mind to leave room between your pet’s neck and the collar. A general rule of thumb is; you should be able to fit two fingers comfortably between your pet’s neck and the collar.


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