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INTERVIEW WITH EDDIE - A dog trainer based in Toronto, Ontario that offer several training services. He has three dogs, Rambo (12 year old Doberman), Ezra (3 year old Cane Corso) and Shelby (2 month old American Bully)

"What keeps me motivated to continue training dogs are the different personality of dogs and clients who need help, every dog is different and should be treated and trained as so."

What does a day in your life look like?

Day in the life is dependent on client bookings for services. However the most common routine would be waking up as early as 7am to walk & train my personal dogs for roughly 2hrs followed by B&T training sessions for several hours. When dogs are not training they are free roaming/ socializing at my place for several hours until the next walk and/or training session. At least once every 2 days the dogs are socialized in other environments such as dog friendly stores and parks. During the day if there are any booked private sessions I will make time to fit them accordingly with my schedule, if not booked then we hold multiple training sessions in the day for my personal and B&T clients. Last training session tends to end between 9pm or 11pm depending on the needs of the dogs. From there it's a rinse and repeat schedule! It may not seem fun and very routine, however it is not for the benefit of a trainer, but the benefit of the clients!

Congratulations on being a dog trainer, what inspired you to start this business and what keeps you motivated?

What inspired me to venture into the dog training industry was seeing the faults, mistakes and misinformation with dogs whether it's regarding breeds, dog tools or training styles in dogs. Personally, I've always wanted to own a dog since I was as young as 7 years old. My parents never allowed me until I saved up enough money to adopt Rambo, at the time I was 17 years old. Since then dogs & training have been my passion. What keeps me motivated to continue training dogs are the different personality of dogs and clients who need help, every dog is different and should be treated and trained as so. The biggest motivation would be the friends that I have been in the community, coming together with the same goal & passion.

What is one of the most interesting or rewarding experiences you've had while running your business?

2 years ago I worked with a aggressive GSD with multiple dog & human bite history, if the training didn't work the option the owner's had were to put down the dog (3yr old GSD). Through a 7 week B&T program for Behaviour Modification and the help of tools such as a Herm Springer Prong Collar and E-Collar we were able to get the results that were required. It was a long process that tested my patience, training knowledge and capabilities but was worth it for trainer, dog & owner!

How do you balance life and training dogs without feeling burnt out?

I don't have a balance lol. My life revolves around dogs & training. There are times I feel burnt out, but I've understood that I need to push through it for the results and place where'd like to be in the future.

What's one upcoming thing that you're excited for? It could be something personally or professionally.

I am in the works of opening my own training facility, it takes time and commitment but that is my ultimate goal being in this industry.



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