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Small Business Spotlight | It'sBarkingGood

INTERVIEW WITH ANGEL - the founder and owner of It'sBarkingGood and dog mom to Mylo the Yorkie and Nyla the Lab aka Dog Treat Dealer.

"If I'm not preparing treats, packing orders, responding to emails, making reels, taking photos, I'm probably out on an adventure with Mylo and Nyla."

What does a day in your life look like?

My day usually starts off with Mylo and Nyla's face on top of mine at precisely 6:48am daily like clockwork. By around 9:30am, my two gremlins are fed, walked and ready for a nap, to be honest I usually am too, but your girl has to work. If you didn't know, I still keep my regular day job. This means a 24 hour day is usually not enough (lol!). While they nap I check on my emails and sort my to do lists to accomplish for the day. Around noon, I make myself a pick me up lunch and head for a quick play in the backyard with the pups. The afternoons are again filled with email sorting, meetings and desk work. My evenings are a mix of packing, preparing proteins and dropping off packages. This is usually the time, that I make content to share and make updates as necessary to our website. Night times are reserved for dog mom me time with Dog Dad and the pups. Tune out and look forward to another filled day.

Congratulations on your brand, what inspired you to start this business and what keeps you motivated?

Our resident taste testers, Mylo and Nyla are the reason why It'sBarkingGood exists. We knew that their health was going to be our top priority. We searched high and low from big box stores and small shops but we were never satisfied. Thus, It'sBarkingGood came to fruition, our needs were simple, provides healthy nutrients and served as high valued treats. My main motivation are my pups, the pups that continue to show us love and pups that are finding out about us.

What is one of the most interesting or rewarding experiences you've had while running your small business?

Honestly the most rewarding is seeing pups love and enjoy treats that I create. I put so much love in every step of the process and seeing pups and enjoy them is the most rewarding.

How do you balance life and your side hustle without feeling burnt out?

To be honest, I found it extremely difficult to balance life and It'sBarkingGood at the beginning. I have recently just started to feel more at ease and have some sense of balance. I've learned to give myself limits and provide myself realistic expectations.

What's one upcoming thing that you're excited for? It could be something personally or professionally.

I am excited for many things! Personally, I am excited to be travelling to my mother land, Philippines closer to the end of the year. I was born there and moved at a young age, experiencing my culture first hand as an adult is something I am extremely excited about. For ItsBarkingGood, I am excited to see where and what we accomplish, I've have big plans and working really hard to attain them. I'd love to share them but then it wouldn't be a surprise ;)



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